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I'm a creative problem solver.

I entered the field in the middle of the dot-com bubble and evolved with the industry from making something look exceptional to making an experience feel flawless and memorable. I pride myself on getting into the mind of the user - and seamlessly marrying their wants and needs with business objectives.

I'm fascinated with the psychology of social networking and the impact it has had on traditional advertising. General beliefs, attitudes and behaviours towards brands are in constant fluctuation and understanding the audiences' motivations and framing interaction around these is the key to my strategic approach.

I have had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing people on some big brand incentives ranging from experiential marketing, user interface design, integrated marketing, branding, RFP responses, UX/UI of apps for mobile, tablet and eReaders, etc. Some of the big brands I've worked on include: RIM, Kobo, Home Depot, Lavalife, Cineplex, Lexus, Kinder Surprize, Labatt Breweries, and Colgate Palmolive – to name a few.

Here is a small selection of projects I've worked on.

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kobo touch
Big Mountain Adventures
Pandora - ING Direct takeover
lavalife success stories
Toronto Public Library Book Buzz
Home Depot Racing
Pandora - ING Direct takeover
RIM Playbook Contest
Cineplex Concierge
Lavalife Friendfinder
FedEx Connect

I'm looking for work!

If you like what you see, please get in touch with me as I am seeking work - full time and freelance.
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